Accident Investigations


What you get

We examine, investigate and analyse all types of marine accidents to or on board vessels worldwide, and other accidents related to the ship or crew ashore, like ports and port facilities. Our reports are not limited to prepare a time line of the event but also offer proposals for corrective and preventive actions for the Companies, Crew or Authorities with the aim of improving the safety of life, protection of the environment and security on board and ashore.

International regulatory regime & National Legislation such as UK Merchant Shipping Act 1995 - Accident Reporting and Investigation Regulations 2005, as amended, are the basis to start working in an incident.ABLIB OPE ICEPRINCE 11H05A 14012008 014mv

We do the most to provide a highly efficient support service including:

  • Investigation of the incident
  • Support on the identification of corrective / preventive actions / Risk Assessments and Analysis / Recommendations for Improvement and Full follow up on all corrective / Preventive actions identified
  • Additional services, if needed, in order to assist operators to properly respond to the requirements of the obligatory rules and regulations.


How we do it

Firstly the team collects evidence and decides whether or not to conduct an Initial Examination (IE). During IE, which is the first stage of the investigation, the team evaluates the causes and circumstances of an accident to see if they meet the criteria required to warrant further investigation. All parties involved will be notified for the initial results.

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The procedure the team follows is based on our Methodology and seeks answers to the following fundamental questions.

  • What and how happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • Who were involved?
  • How can we prevent similar scenarios? 
  • Risk analysis?
  • Root cause analysis?

All available equipment and means will be used, provided the agreement of the involved parties. (ship black boxes, divers, underwater equipment etc.)


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Our background

Our personnel have gained years of experience while participating in various accident investigations having worked on behalf the Greek Ministry of Mercantile Marine, Maritime Palau and other clients.

More details available upon request


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