ISO Auditor – Industry Surveyor

We are constantly looking for qualified quality auditors who are willing to deal with matters of compliance with ISO and industrial standards.

As a result of LiberoGroup’s continuing growth you currently have opportunities to join our team on a sub-contract basis to fulfil our clients’ requirements for compliance with a number of Management System Standards.

We always consider competence from other disciplines that would be able to expand our range of services.

Benefits of cooperation

  • Establish a reputable image in our network and conduct audits through a continual interaction with LG and its partners
  • Well paid audit mandates
  • Opportunities for worldwide audits
  • New auditors will gain the opportunity to expand their expertise and become through our training facilities and real life practice, accomplished in the respective certification field.

Key qualifications

  • University Degree or equivalent recognised by the national authority
  • 4 years of experience in more than one industry, as per NACE codes
  • Knowledge and understanding of relevant management systems and local legislation
  • Audit Training and experience for at least one ISO standard
  • Proficient in English language
  • Ability to work on call
  • Weekend work may be required; willingness to travel locally and internationally
  • High standard of professional presentation and attitude
  • A broad industrial background is preferred.
  • Lead Auditor with IRCA, ICA or equivalent body with previous experience of conducting integrated multi standard second or third party management system audits.

Candidates with the prescribed qualifications are well invited to submit their CV for further review. Upon reception of your CV, our technical department will contact you with a tailor-made offer for cooperation.

If you are interested in joining the LiberoGroup Network of Auditors, please contact us and the responsible person will get back to you with further instructions within 48 hours.

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elearning teiste for webcooperation

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