Mechanical/Electrical Studies

No other environment on Earth is more unpredictable than the sea. In order to design and build marine structures and systems to withstand interactions of physical and environmental exposures, special education and experience is necessary. The modern world’s global commerce is largely enabled by the ocean-going technological marvels created by Marine Engineers. All machinery on board is a combination of mechanical and electrical systems.

Based on the characteristics and performance specifications of the vessel, our engineering team designs these systems in order to deliver the desired specifications.

Our Engineering team can at least offer all types of installation studies for:

  • Steering or control systems
  • Propulsion systems
  • Main & auxiliary Mechanical and electrical systems
  • Electrical distribution and balance
  • Cathode protection
  • Power transfer and distribution
  • Gas emissions reduction
  • Optimization of fuel consumptions
  • Radio communication equipment

In case the job is a retrofit, we study the current plans before designing the new systems. As the workings progress, we also conduct periodic inspections or tests to discover any issues as soon as possible.

Sea trials may be carried out if necessary.

Finally we are also able to prepare studies for land based buildings such as: Heating, Cooling, Electrical, Power Transfer, lighting etc.

We ensure the design specifications are being followed and monitor the project budget.

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