Belgium Yacht Registration

The Belgium registration is an actual flag registration and is therefore accepted around the world with no issues at all. However, the Belgium government has decided to make changes in the procedure of Belgium Flag registration that are effective from September 1, 2019. The main change is that from this date you can only register a vessel under Belgium flag if you are a citizen, resident or a company in Belgium that is at least 50% owner of the vessel. All existing licenses that are currently valid for 5 years will not be effected by this new law until they are due for renewal.

Advantages of registering under the Belgium flag:
  • Valid registration around the world
  • Official Flag Registration
  • 50% Belgium ownership needed!
  • Registration in just 1 to 4 weeks
  • No yacht inspection needed
  • No Maritime restrictions
  • No VAT payment proof needed
  • Valid for 5 years
Documents required to register under the Belgium Flag:
  1. Proof / Certificate of nationality and residency
  2. Copy of your passport or national identity card
  3. Copy of proof of ownership of your boat (Invoice, bill of sale, notary act…)
  4. Cancellation of your previous flag (if applicable)
  5. 5) A copy of the EC declaration of conformity for boats built after 1998 and for the engines built after 2006
  6. Pictures:
    a) A picture of the side of the boat, or jet-ski,
    b) A picture of the HIN number, or hull number
    c) A picture of the CE plate of the boat
    d) A picture of the serial number of the engine(s) if applicable
  7. Online form correctly filled in
Your obligations under the Belgium Flag:
  1. Raise the Belgium national flag
  2. Raise the courtesy flag of the country where you are sailing
  3. Indicate the name of your boat and homeport in letters on the backside of the boat or the sides if there is no space
  4. The Belgium Flag register has to be renewed every 5 years
  5. Be current with your tax payments (VAT, local taxes, etc..)
  6. All local maritime rules still apply, speed, navigation areas etc.
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