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A claim and an accident are directly linked. In such situations we analyse the "Time Line of event" of the incident taking into account the International & national regulatory regime.WreckCert1

What you get

  • Cargo & Container Damage Surveys.
  • Collision Damage Assessment.
  • Crew Injury and Fatalities.
  • Claims Control.
  • Direction & Superintendence of Casualty & Damage Investigations.
  • Dispatch & Instructions to Surveyors & Investigators.
  • H&M Claims, including Superintendence of machinery damage surveys.
  • Wreck Certificate on Behalf Maritime Cook Islands (party of the Convention)


Wreck – Salvage

Our Services will help you for better implement of the legal contracts and processes involved in salvage and wreck removal, like:

  • Use, purpose and key provisions of Lloyd's Open Form contracts (LOF).
  • Assess how to deal with a wreck and sunken property.
  • Consider alternative salvage contracts.
  • Update on the latest trends and developments in salvage law & practice.
  • Review wreck removal contracts.
  • Analyse risks and insurance related claims.


Our experts offer first-hand insights report into the potential difficulties in salvage incidents / wreck removal cases and propose solutions on how the problems can be avoided or resolved. Their reports will:

  • Equip you with strategies ensuring full compliance with the legal requirements of salvage and wreck removal incident.
  • Guide you through the legal contracts and processes involved in salvage. This includes recent changes to LOF, risk assessment and insurance related claims and wreck removal.


Certification - Wreck Removal Certificate

We may also issue your Wreck Removal Certificate issued on behalf the Cook Islands that are party to the convention.

You can apply to our office for having the required Wreck Certificate. We will issue this Certificate on Behalf Maritime Cook Islands within 1 day.


Required Documents:

  • Insurance for Wreck Removal (Blue Card for Wrecks)
  • Certificate of Ship Registy
  • application or email to our office

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