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A lot of obligatory or suggested conventions, codes and systems like ISM, ISPS, TMSA, MLC are applied on board a ship or ashore a Shipping Company. Similar obligations are applied to Port and Port Facilities like master plans, health, environment procedures etc.

All of the above mentioned have the same main objectives to improve safety, protect human life and environment but in most of the cases they have overlapping procedures, policies and often obligations that create confusion to the users and managers.

Our partners are available to audit your system and propose a Total Quality Management System (TQM) that can minimize these problems. This optimization demands thorough analysis of the existing system by qualified personnel.
Our team includes members who received the "Pan-Hellenic Award" for an applied method of Total Quality Management System.

Every day many ship owners have come to realise the necessity to seek some advice-support. Our organisation aims to relieve owners/managers from this workload and is designed in two levels:


Level 1

  •  Design of your company from scratch based on good practice and your aims and objectives.
  •  Preparation of your internal system taking into account ISM/ISPS/MLC/TMSA and national/international regulations.
  •  Establishment of the Training System based on new amendments of STCW and MLC, for all officers and crew on board and ashore.
  •  Optimisation and update of seminars & training manuals.
  •  Studies and manuals needed on board and ashore.
  •  Implementation of motivational techniques to get the most out of your Human Resources


Level 2

  • Maintenance of the vessel to the agreed standards: repairs, dry docking and provision of spares fulfilling the agreed requirements.
  • Support for the Provision of competent officers and crew: certified & qualified according to STCW.
  • Guidance and Keep of records as required by ISM, ISPS MLC and TMSA procedures and also ensure the vessel is well documented with all the required certificates.
  • Provision of Insurance for the vessel: H&M, war and P&I insurance.
  • Support on board with qualified personnel, who will visit the vessel at regular intervals or whenever required.
  • Handling of all operational matters: pre-fixture voyage estimates, post fixtures, voyage instructions, monitoring vessel's performance etc.
  • Handling of charter party disputes: FDD and cargo claims, bunkering, and appointment of agents, freights and hire.

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