Code of conduct

Welcome to LiberoGroup’s new Code of Conduct. This document is not just a guide on how we are conducting our business but a must-read document that should be understood and followed across all sections of our organisation.

All personnel and people conducting services on behalf of LiberoGroup are chosen to be fully capable of making the right and ethical decisions when faced with difficult choices and that they will be guided by their good judgement, provided they always follow our Code of Contact.

The basic principles of this Code are:

Our personnel should provide the best coordinated support to our clients. The participation of each partner is based on the following main Company’s Policy principles:

  • Each partner is strongly committed regarding the Targets and P
  • All people involved must provide the best coordinated support to each client
  • Protection of Human Life and the Environment
  • Always maintain the Confidentiality for our clients
  • Best Management Practices and Methodologies applied
  • Advanced Technologies & Computerized Procedures are used to facilitate our efforts.
  • Local & International Legal obligations/restrictions are kept

Keeping our practices in line with this Code, we ensure a continuous development of our practices and reputation, which essentially leads to integrity, prosperity and long-standing work relationships.

All LiberoGroup stakeholders are invited to request a digital or printed copy of our new Code of Conduct. We urge you to report directly to the top management if you see that there is any breach of this Code.


LiberoGroup is impartial, and as an independent body delivers high quality services, with main priority the protection of customers’confidence.

To obtain and maintain confidence, LiberoGroup decisions are based on objective evidence of conformity (or nonconformity), and are not influenced by other interests or parties.


During services that require additional classified information and personal data from our clients, our organisation always keeps confidential any proprietary information about a client and any information provided by the proprietor.

Therefore no information concerning proprietary information will be disclosed without client’s written consent.

LiberoGroup, acting as a certification body under the ISO 17021 standard, needs to disclosure some sort of information concerning the certification status limited to granting, extending, maintaining, renewing, suspending, reducing the scope of, or withdrawing of certification of any organization.