LiberoServices (Accreditation & Certification)
  • Accreditation against ISO 17020 for the below scope issued by UNIVAB Accreditation body:
    • Bunkers delivery
    • On-hire/off-hire Survey
    • Agricultural Commodities; Petroleum and Petrochemicals; Metal and Mineral commodities; Consumer products; Motor Vehicles; Industrial Products; Pharmaceuticals; Food;
    • Flag State Surveys
  • LiberoServices operates an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified since 20-03-2018 by UKAS accredited certification body for the scope of:
       – Ship Registration Services and Flag State Inspections
      – Αll type of Marine Studies, Surveys, Audits and Inspections including    Agricultural Commodities Surveys.
  • EMSA external Expert & Speaker since 11/07/2017 (updated 2021)
  • IMO Roster Consultant since 04/2016
  • Technical Advisor for ALL Cook Islands Flagged vessels and Maritime Cook Islands ltd including support for drafting regulations and circulars (2010 until late 2013).
  • Maritime Cook Islands Deputy Registrar & Authorized Surveyor-Auditor-Accident Investigator-RO auditor. (2010-2017).
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