LiberoServices (Projects & Agreements)
  • Deputy Registrars on behalf of white listed Barbados Maritime Ship Registry (2022-now)
  • Maritime expert for the project no 379071- CONNECTA-TRA-CRM-REG-ITS-08 Technical Assistance for the Deployment of the ITS strategy for all transport modes in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and for rail – maritime transport in Albania starting 21-04-2022
  • EMSA ext Expert for the project “Maritime Safety, Security and Marine Environment Protection in Black and Caspian sea regions (BCSEA project), (CRIS Number EN/2016/039-351) under the Project’s Component 7 “Bilateral Activities” to one of its beneficiary countries, namely to the Republic of Azerbaijan. (25/01/2018-14/06/2018)
  • Participation as Maritime expert for the project «Technical Assistance to Connectivity in the Western Balkans – EuropeAid/137850/IH/SER/MULTI: Sub-project: CONNECTA-TRA-CRM-REG-03, Area: Connectivity Transport Reform Measures/Strategic Framework for Implementation of ITS in TEN-T Networks in WB6».(2017-12/2018)
  • Participation in Maritime Projects as Key Maritime Administration Expert for project  in cooperation with Project Planning & Management under World Bank Financing for preparation of Uganda maritime legislation and establishment of the Maritime Sector(ref no MoWT/SVSC/2010-11/00177). (2014)
  • Accident investigations on behalf Maritime Cook Islands in cooperation with Hellenic Administration and other flags.( 2013)
LiberoServices (Accreditation & Certification)
  • LiberoAssurance operates an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System certified since 20-03-2018 by UKAS accredited certification body for the scope of:
       – Ship Registration Services and Flag State Inspections
      – Αll type of Marine Studies, Surveys, Audits and Inspections including    Agricultural Commodities Surveys.
  • EMSA external Expert & Speaker since 11/07/2017 (updated 2021)
  • IMO Roster Consultant since 04/2016
  • Technical Advisor for ALL Cook Islands Flagged vessels and Maritime Cook Islands ltd including support for drafting regulations and circulars (2010 until late 2013).
  • Maritime Cook Islands Deputy Registrar & Authorized Surveyor-Auditor-Accident Investigator-RO auditor. (2010-2017).
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