Greece Ship Registration

Greece member of the EU, NATO, the OECD, the UN, and the IMO has one of the most celebrated maritime traditions in history. Its registry was established since 1836 and continues to regulate all registration procedures.

Our office can provide all support needed for Company Registration under Greek flag and Vessel Certification such as:

  1. Company incorporation
  2. Ship registration
  3. Liaison for the conditions of exemptions as maybe required
  4. Technical certification
  5. Customs clearance
  6. Accounting support of the manager of the vessel (company or individual)
  7. Technical support for CE certification (yachts)
Advantages of registering under the Greek flag:

According to the new regime, the most important benefits from registering a Greek owned commercial yacht or vessel are as follows:

  1. All profits & income is 0% taxed
  2. Yachts are VAT exempted
  3. Discounted marina/mooring fees
  4. Can freely be chartered in the Greek Waters and within EU member states territorial waters.
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