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Ship Registration and Yacht Registration processes are designed to be as quick, simple and user friendly as possible whilst ensuring that the requirements of Palau Legislation and IMO Conventions, to which Palau is a party are complied with, and that owners and mortgagee's interests are secured.

Palau International Ship Registry does not impose additional requirements on ship owners beyond the requirements of IMO Conventions read together with the IACS Unified Interpretations.

 The main Policy issues for Ship Registration are:

 Vessel’s Age: As per Palau Title 7 of the Palau National Code, any foreign vessel that is more than 20 years old from the time of construction, IS NOT eligible for registration, however, the Ship Registry Administrator may waive this condition having duly considered the condition of the vessel, trading area, type of vessel and other factors in which a Pre-registration Flag inspection could apply.

Pre-Registration Flag Inspection: Ship Registry Administrator can request confirmation from the Recognized Organization about the overall condition of the vessel and in some cases, when deemed necessary a pre- registration inspection may be requested. A vessel may be requested to carry out a Pre-Inspection in order to assess the overall condition of the vessel and confirm that she is eligible for registration. The Pre-Registration inspection may be conducted when:

  1. The vessel is 20 years old or more from the construction date.
  2. The vessel has a history of multiple inspections or detentions showing deficiencies. c. Further review of her previous Flag and/or Recognized Organization documentation including any outstanding deficiencies.

Vessel’s Ownership: According to the Palau Maritime Act any natural person, being a citizen of Palau or not, can register a vessel under the Palau Flag. Good corporate standing under the laws of Jurisdiction is required. There are no restrictions with regard to the establishment and operation of the Corporation (either registered office or principle place of business). The Corporation is not deemed to be controlled by Palauan citizens, nor percentage of shares of Palauan is required.

Screening: All vessels will need to pass a satisfactory screening which will cover the areas of: sanctions, detentions performance in all MOU’s and casualties. Sanctions screening instruments used are OFAC SDN list, UN list and other sanction list related. Subject to screening is not only the vessel, but also the ship-Owner, ship Manager, beneficiary Owner and DOC company of the vessel  

Permanent Registration: Following the 6 months of provisional registration, the owner of the vessel may request Permanent Certificate of Registry. Permanent Registration can be done at any time during the provisional registration period upon submission of the necessary documentation as well as with the relevant fees. 

Special Registration: We provide special registration service for vessels to be registered for a short period under special circumstances. The special registration is valid for three months with automatic expiration when this period elapses and no Deletion Certificate is issued.  The types of Special Registrations are :

  • A vessel is undertaking a Single Delivery Voyage from Point A to Point B
  • A vessel is undertaking a last voyage to Scrap yard for Demolition
  • A vessel is undertaking a Sea Trial.


Charter-In Registration: Foreign registered vessels may obtain parallel or dual registration at Palau International Ship Registry (PISR) as a second Registry under the terms of a bareboat charter party. It is necessary that the First Registry grants its consent in writing. Upon submission of an authenticated copy of the bareboat charter party and the consent from the First Registry, the PISR will issue a Certificate of Registry and ship station license valid for up to two years.


Charter-Out Registration: A vessel registered at PISR may obtain a parallel registration in another country’s registry based on a bareboat charter party. For this purpose, the applicant shall submit an application giving full details of the bareboat charter party. During the term of this registration, all annual fees and taxes applicable must be paid to the Palau Registry. Its title and any mortgages, liens or encumbrances thereon shall be recorded at Palau International Ship Registry (PISR).


Palau International Ship Registry does not impose additional requirements on ship owners beyond the requirements of IMO Conventions read together with the IACS Unified Interpretations.

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