International Projects

Participation to international procurement in financed projects and programs for the areas of Maritime, transport and logistics. For this reason, we can activate our International Team to support this effort. Normally our Methodology is used to prepare each project.

Among our partners, worldwide, are University Professors, Engineers, Lawyers and Universities who work together to provide high quality to:

  • Administrations
  • Organizations
  • Developing countries.
  • Companies.

Each team is established upon a concrete request and a contract is then prepared.

The partners that participate in each team are persons who worked for Ministries, International Organisation like IMO, IMSO, and Parcel etc. and have deep Knowledge, Understanding and Proficiency of the maritime environment and needs.

New technologies permit us to work together even if we are in different countries but meetings can also be arranged at a specific area when it is necessary. We can provide:

  • Studies
  • On the spot Support
  • Audits