Marine Surveyor

Qualification, motivation and possible experience, are the main characteristics we constantly seek in our potential employees to maintain the company’s sustainable growth. During our cooperation with external partners we develop strong and long term working relationships built on respect and trust.

We offer job opportunities to marine surveyors to join our team on a sub-contract basis to support our clients’ requirements for complying with a number of Marine Codes, Regulations and Conventions. The required standards are mainly Hull & Machinery, Statutory certification, TMSA, ISM, ISPS, MLC.

Our aim is to build a robust network of capable marine surveyors who possess experience and knowledge, and are willing to work with us to provide sound technological solutions for the marine industry.

Benefits of cooperation

  • Join a network of experts
  • Our years of unrivalled experience can help new marine surveyors to expand their expertise and become through our training facilities and real life practice, accomplished in this field.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule along with competitive remuneration plus expenses as well as the opportunity to contribute to LiberoGroup high professional standard and reputation across the industry.


Key qualifications

  • Sea going experience or equivalent experience in the marine industry
  • 6 years of work experience for Marine Engineers, Naval Architects, Mechanical Engineers, Deck & Engine Officers
  • Able to work independently, even under difficult and demanding circumstances
  • ISM – ISPS – MLC – Statutory Certification experience – Bunker Surveys – Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements (UTM) – Class Survey.
  • Training certification on the above subjects as well as the relevant experience is preferred
  • Knowledge of local legislation
  • The ability to write comprehensive survey and investigation reports in the English language.
  • Ability to work on call. Weekend work may be required; willingness to travel locally and internationally
  • A broad industrial background is preferred.

Candidates with the prescribed qualifications are well invited to submit their CV for further review. Upon reception of your CV, our technical department will contact you with a tailor-made offer for cooperation.

If you are interested in joining the LiberoGroup Network of Partners, please contact us and the responsible person will get back to you with further instructions within 48 hours.

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elearning teiste for webcooperation

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