Marine Surveys

Our competent surveyors are available worldwide to perform surveys, inspections and audits to your  vessels and/or company in order to assess and monitor their compliance as well as inspect damage caused to both vessels and cargo.

We prepare and execute audits on board and ashore against:

  • ISM Code: International Safety Management Code issued by IMO.
  • ISPS Code: International Ship and Port Facility Security Code.
  • TMSA: Tanker Management and Self-Assessment.
  • MLC: Maritime Labour Convention.
  • ILO 2001: Guidelines for Occupational Health and Safety Systems.
  • Navigation audits

Our scope is to obtain via an extensive GAP Analysis a detailed report with proposals for compliance with the above mentioned obligations.

We prepare and execute Pre-vetting inspections for:

  • Oil Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers (CDI)
  • Bulk Carriers (Right Ship)

Our scope is to obtain full compliance with the latest Oil Majors – OCIMF VIQ -Rightship Standards and other Requirements linked to obligatory rules and regulations participating / following up the whole vetting procedure.

What you get

  • Support for Preparation of a Port State Control Inspection.
  • Support on board when needed.
  • Follow up for the identification of corrective / preventive actions.
  • Recommendations for Improvement & Lessons Learned Report.
  • Risk Assessment.

Insurance, in general, covers damage to the vessels hull, fittings, its machinery and installed equipment as a result of an unforeseen and unexpected event. Where P&I insurance is intended to insure a shipowner’s liability to others, Hull & Machinery insurance is mainly to cover the ship as the Owners’ primary asset. Hull & Machinery and P&I become complimentary in the event of collision liability and damage to fixed and floating objects. Our insurance surveys focus on the structural integrity and safety of your vessels.

Prior to your decision to purchase a used vessel, evaluation of her condition, such as structural integrity, safety, machinery, equipment, maintenance, is essential.

Our pre-purchase survey provides a detailed technical vessel inspection, which is carried out when she is both laid up in dry dock and afloat. The survey gives our clients a clear understanding of the vessel’s condition; we report specific items which affect her general condition and could require special attention. A pre-purchase survey is vital for the decision making process regarding the purchase of a vessel.

We offer damage surveys to evaluate any damages sustained by the hull, systems, or any part on the vessel. Our expert surveyors will come on board to report information on the probable causes of the damage, recommendations on repairs, and estimates for the costs for such work.

Typical types of damage surveys can be for collision, mechanical dysfunctions, sinking, grounding, fire, adverse weather etc.

What you get

  • Preliminary report after the initial inspection
  • Reported conditions of the damage
  • Statements from owners, operators and witnesses
  • Identification and description of the vessel and its condition
  • Description of damages
  • Opinion as to the cause of loss
  • Review of repair estimates for reasonableness
  • If no estimates, Preparation of a Damage Appraisal
  • Pre-Loss and Post-Loss valuation of the vessel

Our role as supervising surveyors is to co-ordinate the requirements of each party involved, at the same time to provide technical advice and solutions where necessary and to ensure that all requirements are met.

What we offer

  • Initial check of the achievability and the cost of the outcome
  • Preparation and review of the specification
  • Attending during order negotiation to consult in the clarification of technical matters
  • Technical inspections at each stage
  • Ensure that the production timescale is met and that all items meet those agreed in the contract
  • Ensure compliance with standards
  • Resolve any unexpected problem
  • Sea trials and machinery testing
  • Final inspection after completion
  • Official verification for any unconventional delays or structures which are leading to penalties subject to compensation

Each type of cargo has to be handled in a specific way and inside the containers the products can be damaged due to various reasons. LiberoServices is here to provide advice and guidance for all types of cargo handling.

Types of cargo surveys:

  • Cargo Damage Surveys
  • Cargo Theft and Pilferage Investigations
  • Load, Stow & Securing Surveys for Project Cargo
  • Preloading Surveys
  • Loss Control Programs
  • Pre-shipment inspections
  • Warehouse Inspections
  • Draught Surveys
  • Condition Surveys

We provide independent surveys and reports of the current condition, class status and life history of a vessel for the managers to have the information needed to decide for their investment.

Working closely with Class Societies we offer a range of survey services  that aid buyers and charterers in decisions affecting the sale, hire, purchase of ships and we can also minimise the risk associated with second hand vessels acquisition.

What you get

  • Record Examination.
  • Condition Surveys.
  • On-hire/off-hire detailed survey.
  • Pre-purchase condition survey.

Our qualified surveyors and auditors can assist the ship and the flag state towards meeting the Flag state inspection regime objectives.

The aims of FSIs can be summarised in the following:

  • Support the quality shipping objectives of a Flag state.
  • Enforce high standard of compliance with international and national rules and standards for international shipping.
  • Verify the actual condition of ships conform to the certificates they carry. The scope of the verification includes:
    • Hull, equipment and manning;
    • Safety management; and
    • Security systems
  • -Ensure that the ship’s crew can effectively:
    • Co-ordinate their activities in an emergency situation;
    • Perform functions vital to safety; and
    • Prevent or mitigate pollution
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