Netherlands Yacht Registration

The Dutch registration is actually a document of ownership but in that capacity, is accepted in most European countries when arriving in a port and handing over your documents. The only country were the Dutch document occasionally gives problems, is Portugal and therefore we recommend clients that visit Portugal to use one of our other registrations, which are actual flag registrations and accepted all around the world. The Dutch ICP document can be obtained in 3 days, so it is ideal if you just bought a boat in another country and need to bring it home to where you live within Europe.

Use us to register your private yacht in Holland

Holland is one of the most widely chosen jurisdictions for ship registration. There are a few important reasons to register your sail or motor boat in Holland; It is available for all nationalities, there are less restrictions and the registration process is more efficient than in other EU countries plus the costs are much lower. Most of our clients are Spanish, French, Italian, Russian etc. They have very strict provisions under their own countries boat registrations and have found out that it is much easier and at a lower cost to register in Holland.

Advantages of registering under the Netherlands flag:
  • Valid registration for most EU countries
  • Proof of boat ownership
  • Possible for all nationalities
  • Registration in just 3 days
  • No yacht survey needed
  • No Maritime restrictions
  • No VAT payment proof needed
  • Valid for 2 years

We can provide you with a MMSI, ATIS and Callsign within 24 hours for your vessel. With this license, that will be issued by the British Telecom Authorities, you can use a VHF, AIS and EPIRB on your boat.

Since it is very easy for us to obtain an MMSI license for your vessel, we highly recommend our clients to get this while applying for the Dutch ownership document. It only takes us 1 day to obtain your license and we only need a copy of your passport to apply. Having a MMSI license onboard avoids problems when you are checked by local authorities.

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