Sierra Leone Ship Registration

SLMARAD is the International Office of Sierra Leone Maritime Administration. SLMARAD operates and governs the registry in accordance with the Sierra Leone Merchant Shipping Act, 2003. SLMARAD is conducting vessels registration and seafarers certification with the aim to ensure safety of life at sea and protection of the marine environment in order for vessels under the registry to be fit for service for which are intended and are manned with competent marine personnel.

SLMARAD aims to continue the current operations of the Administration as well as to improve and simplify the registration procedures which has been established to be easy to follow without the burden of documentation. Moreover, SLMARAD is looking towards maintaining a registry of highest quality as well as developed an innovating online system to ensure an efficient monitoring of vessels registered under this Administration.

Advantages of registration under Sierra Leone
  • Worldwide Network of Maritime Registrars
  • Competitive Registration fees
  • Full technical Support operated from Liberoservices, Greece and West Asia.
  • No restriction on Ownership of vessel
  • Foreign Companies easy to register.
  • No restriction on Nationality of Master, Officers and Crew on-board
  • Same day provisional Endorsement of Seafarer’s COCs.Only
  • Officers require Endorsements.
  • Mortgage Registration is secured.
  • Registration is quick, simple and efficient.
  • SLMARAD have formal agreements with most IACS Classification Societies and other Non IACS ROs
  • Sierra Leone does not impose additional requirements beyond the requirements of the IMO conventions to which Sierra Leone is party.
  • Bareboat Chartering is allowed.
  • Corporations are easy to maintain and administer.
  • Yachts do not need Sierra Leone Company to register.
  • Bunker and Civil Liability Convention Certificates can be issued.
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