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In general there are no requirements concerning local ownership or participation in ownership and Vessels under construction are eligible for registration.

The yacht registration process is commenced by completing an 'Application for Vessel Registration, Call Sign and Official Number' available through our office acting as Deputy Registrar, who will lead you through the process.


All documents submitted must be in the English language or, if they are in a foreign language, they must be accompanied by an official translation thereof.


 Some Initial Information are listed below:

Provisional Registration:

A vessel’s provisional Certificate of Registry is valid for 6 months but may be granted extensions as deemed appropriate by the Administration under special and compelling circumstances. This should give the shipowner or his representative sufficient time to gather all necessary documents required for permanent registration.

The required documents are listed herewith:

  • Request for confirmation of availability of vessel’s name
  • A duly completed Application for registration of Ships form duly signed by the applicant. The registration of each vessel requires one application. This application includes the necessary information for the issuance of the Provisional Ship Station License.
  • Copy of Ownership by means of Bill of Sale, Builder’s Certificate
  • International Tonnage Certificate (if applicable)

For provisional registration, the aforesaid documents may be submitted by fax or scanned copies by way of email.

Commercial Yachts are to comply with International Regulations as applicable to their size and trading area accordingly. Some exemptions may be granted by the flag on case by case basis.

Permanent Registration:

Permanent Registration can be done at any time during the provisional registration period upon submission of the necessary documentation as well as with the relevant fees.

Basic Documents for Permanent Registration

  • Original application form (duly executed and witnessed as specified therein)
  • Original or duly validated copy or cerification by the flag DR of Builder's Certificate (new construction only) or Bill of Sale or Invoice.
  • Original or duly validated copy of Deletion Certificate (from yacht's previous Registry if applicable)
  • Copy of certificate from ship's P&I insurance company including crew insurance (only applicable to commercial/charter yachts)
  • Copy of confirmation (letter or email) from Radio Accounting Authority that they will agree to act as AA while ship under Palau flag (if applicable)
  • Original or duly validated schedule of interested shareholders (if applicable)
  • Original or duly validated copy of Power of Attorney ( if applicable)
  • Download Our Yacht Guidance

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